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Spirited N. Charleston town hall meeting tackles tough issues, contrasts with Baltimore

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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - St. Peter's AME in North Charleston was packed from the choir loft to the balcony as a diverse crowd addressed issues of police abuse and brutality, not only in North Charleston but across America.

The fiery town hall discussion was sponsored by SiriusXM Radio Host Joe Madison.  

At the exact time Congressman Jim Clyburn, Sen. Marlon Kimpson and others were having spirited debate, the city of Baltimore was brimming with protests, rioting and anger.  Madison noted North Charleston handled the shooting death of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man killed by former police officer Michael Slager quite differently than what's happening in Baltimore.  

Madison asked the crowd to explain the difference. The answers ranged from local leadership of the mayors office, to the fact it's an election year. 

But the crowd harmoniously agreed the biggest difference between Ferguson, New York, Baltimore and North Charleston was the cell phone video shot by a local bystander.

Madison said the North Charleston Mayor and the Chief of Police were invited but did not attend.  

The forum was recorded live and will be broadcast on Madison's SiriusXM Radio program on Friday.

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