Summerville residents can pay $1.90 at the pump on Thursday

Summerville residents can pay $1.90 at the pump on Thursday

SUMMERVILLE, SC - On Thursday, a Summerville gas station will be selling gas tax free, which totals about 45 cents less per gallon than normal price.

The tax free gas will be funded by an organization called Americans for Prosperity (AFP), who wants to build awareness of South Carolina's gas tax and how high they claim it could be if some lawmakers have their way.

On Thursday, the group plans to bring their message to Summerville, where they'll pay for 2,000 gallons of tax free gas at Express Petroleum gas station on Main Street. The cheap gas will be available starting at 4 p.m.

The same group was in Greenville Wednesday, where three hundred South Carolina drivers got to fill up for less than two dollars per gallon.

They were not lowering prices just for the good of drivers, but for a political message.

"We're reducing the price at the pump by 45 cents. Which is exactly how much tax we will pay if they do end up passing a gas tax hike," said a AFP spokesperson.

Americans for Prosperity was founded by the Koch Brothers, who are well known as Republican mega donors.

In January, the conservative billionaires revealed plans to spend $900 million on the upcoming presidential campaign, which is more money than than the Republican National Committee spent in 2012.

"The difficulty with groups like them is you really don't know where they get their money because a lot of it is shielded under law dealing with the tax code," said Cindy Rugeley, a political science professor.

Dr. Rugeley is political science professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

She says the massive amount of cash the Koch political network has can make a difference in the Republican nomination for president.

"For instance in the last Republican primary a lot of candidates did pretty poorly in some of the early primaries, but were able to rely on Super PACs to keep them alive in the later campaigns," she said. "So... with that type of money they could certainly prop up a lower tier political candidate."

You can purchase tax free gas tomorrow at the Express Petroleum gas station in Summerville, starting at 4 p.m.

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