Kiawah businesses hope to cash in on 2021 PGA championship

Kiawah businesses hope to cash in on 2021 PGA championship

KIAWAH ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - News that the PGA Championship is returning to Kiawah island in 2021 has some local businesses seeing dollar signs.

Freshfields Village is right outside the gates of Kiawah Island.

The owner of Hege's restaurant says his business about doubled during the 2012 tournament.

"It was great, we were packed every night," Hege says. "Night time which I when we are open, that's when they want to come out to have dinner and drinks."

The folks who run Seacoast Sports also say they made money from the 2012 championship, primarily because of their location.

"Obviously with it being right here on Kiawah a lot of the traffic has to come directly past our store. We're also the first store you see where when you enter the village here going through the roundabout," Patrick Gordon said.

Even one of the newest stores in the village is pumped about the PGA Championship returning in six years.

"We already have a good bit of customers that come through, but with that kind of excitement it's going to bring a lot more people to come through as well as bring people to Kiawah," said Trish Owen who works at a clothing store.

Not all merchants are thrilled the tournament is returning.

Some said off-camera they didn't make any money off the 2012 championship.

The 2012 PGA Championship generated $193 million for South Carolina, according to PGA officials.

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