'Crossover Day' leaves many controversial bills in limbo

'Crossover Day' leaves many controversial bills in limbo

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC/WIS) - Friday was "crossover day" at the State House, which means hundreds of bills were left in the dust. Lawmakers only passed a handful of laws so far and have left some big bills on the chopping block.

Bills like medical marijuana and a $10 minimum wage were big talkers at the beginning of the legislative session this year, but because they didn't make the May 1 crossover deadline, they won't get a vote until 2016.

Ethics, abortion, and body cameras did survive the cut, but there's no guarantee even those bills will get a vote before the session ends on June 4.

The body cameras bill which passed quickly through the Senate is on its way to the House. The bill got new life in the wake of the Walter Scott shooting and was amended and passed in matter of days. The House could take up the measure sometime this week.

Lawmakers have made it pretty clear road funding won't get a vote before June. Senators had an opportunity Thursday to give the plan, one of the big bills promised this year, a priority vote. That vote failed, so the bill is stuck in limbo.

A bill which would fire SC State University's board of trustees may also miss the June 4 mark. The bill has bounced back and forth between the House and Senate, but neither group can agree on a final version because they have not been able to compromise on how a new board should be hired. Lawmakers will try to hammer out their differences Tuesday.

The Senate will tackle the budget this week and they're trying to revive a massive bond bill which died in the house.

The bond package proposes borrowing millions of dollars, mainly for higher education construction projects. Gov. Nikki Haley has been adamant that she'd veto any borrowing bill which would raise the state's debt.

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