R. B. Stall Warriors receive donations after soccer equipment was stolen

VIDEO: R. B. Stall Warriors receive donations after soccer equipment was stolen

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Thousands of dollars of soccer equipment was stolen last year from one North Charleston high school. The school has three teams. They almost went under, but the community gave a helping hand. The team received donations from a Go Fund Me account and also from Academic Magnet High School.

"We looked around and there was nothing. There was absolutely nothing there," said Head Coach Daniel Holbrook.

In March of last year, Holbrook and his team came back from a tournament and most of their equipment was gone.

"You took like a kids toy away basically. It hurts inside to know that somebody out there was mean enough to take our equipment," said Abraham Mortero, a player on the team.

"It was hard. It took a toll on us," said Team Captain Ricardo Santiago.

"They were really down about it, and as the captain, my job was to keep them up and keep them motivated and keep pushing them forward," said Santiago.

"He helps us a lot. He motivates us when we're down," said Mortero.

Another helping hand came from Global Premiere Soccer. The club players are training the high school athletes.

"To make sure they enjoy it as much as we did when we were growing up and giving them the best possible chance to go on in their soccer career," said Sam Maddams with Global Premiere Soccer.

"It's really cool that they come out here and help us learn new techniques and training," said Mortero.

Smiles on the soccer field Friday, because these kids can practice with the equipment they need. They can thank the community for giving back and allowing them to play the game.

"That's not explainable. It's pretty amazing. I mean just playing is amazing," said Mortero.

"I love soccer. It's the best sport in the world," said Santiago.

The team goes to the first round of the playoffs on Tuesday.

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