First female Fortune 500 company CEO enters presidential race

VIDEO: First female Fortune 500 company CEO enters presidential race

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The first female CEO of a top Fortune 500 company announced her campaign for president Monday with a tweet.

"We know the only way to re imagine our government, is to re imagine who is leading it. I am Carly Fiorina and I am running for President," she said in a campaign web ad.

Fiorina, who became CEO of Hewlett Packard in 1999, is the first and likely the only female candidate running for the Republican nomination in 2016.

"As the only woman running for the (GOP) nomination, it will definitely give her a unique place in the race. I think that will help her at least articulate her points of view, her issues, and her stance to the voters," said Geoff Sheagley.

Sheagley is a political science professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

With 54% of likely voters being women, Sheagley says there is a good chance voters could elect the first female President of the United States next year.

"If I were going to bet, I would probably say yes," Sheagley said.

Hillary Clinton announced her campaign for President weeks before Fiorina.

The race is already getting heated.

"Mrs. Clinton, Please name an accomplishment," Fiorina said at a conference in February. "She tweets about woman's rights in this country, and takes money from governments who deny women the most basic human rights."

In response to Fiorina's criticism, Clinton's campaign released this statement to Live 5 News:

"While Republicans continue to spend their time attacking Hillary, she's focused on strengthening our communities and building an economy to help South Carolinians get ahead and stay ahead," said Stephanie Formas, Hillary for America South Carolina Communications Director.

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