Groups vow to protest until Wilson steps away from Slager case

Groups vow to protest until Wilson steps away from Slager case

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Chants could be heard downtown as multiple groups gathered outside the 9th Circuit Solicitor's office.

It's going to be a common sight as they plan on protesting every day until Scarlett Wilson either steps away or is ordered off the Michael Slager case.

"This is our position," Pastor Thomas Dixon, with The Coalition – People United To Take Back Our Community, said. "This will be our position, and we will not move until the will of the people is heard, and not only heard, but obeyed by the public servant whos salary we pay."

It's been an ongoing demand since the charges were handed out.

The Coalition-People United To Take Back Our Community, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and Lowcountry Peace were among the groups protesting today.

They believe Wilson will not prosecute the case fairly, based on her track record and her connection to city leaders.

"Never in the history of her being a prosecutor, did she convict any police officer of killing or even beating a black man," Elder James Johnson, President of Southern Christian Leadership Conference, said.

They claim previous cases of this kind left too man "questionable circumstances" on the table at the end of the investigation.

"She has no responsibility in prosecuting the police for shooting our black people," Merrill Chapman, with Lowcountry Peace, added.

The letter is under review at the AG's office for that request.

The state Constitution (Article 5, Section 24) reads, in part, "The Attorney General shall be the chief prosecuting officer of the State with authority to supervise the prosecution of all criminal cases in courts of record." It also states, "In each judicial circuit a solicitor shall be elected by the electors thereof."

The groups also believe Wilson's statement August 13, 2015 of the death penalty not applying at this time, shows bias.

That statement read, in part, "Based on the facts revealed thus far, it does not appear South Carolina's death penalty provision applies in this case because there are no 'aggravating circumstances' present."

Last week groups also made a public demand for Wilson to step aside.

In another statement she said, "My office has worked diligently alongside the Scott family. We are grateful for their continued support and we appreciate their letting us focus on the task at hand."

"We must monitor and document any, and all patterns or practices of the prosecutor, to see that transparency is tantamount to good law and order," Pastor Thomas Dixon with The Coalition said.

The groups are requesting a solicitor from outside of the Tri-County area to handle the Slager murder case and say they plan to protest all next week near the solicitor's office to convince Wilson to step down.

Wilson's office has not responded to requests for a comment at this time.

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