One month since Walter Scott's death. Protests continue outside of City Hall

VIDEO: One month since Walter Scott's death, Protests continue outside of City Hall

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - It has been one month since the death of Walter Scott. He was shot and killed by former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager after a traffic stop. On Monday, social justice groups made their voices heard outside of North Charleston City Hall.

They are asking for transparency in the North Charleston Police Department. They also want a community group that has oversight and accountability over the department.. Activists say they will continue to protest until they see these changes.

In the past month, different groups have been rallying after the death of Walter Scott, but now they are coming together in unity. They formed a group called the North Charleston Civil Coalition for Reform.

"Absolutely this is a process. Change doesn't happen overnight," said Kwadjo Campbell with the North Charleston Civil Coalition for Reform.

Protestors spoke about the importance of sitting down with the Mayor of North Charleston to discuss changes within the police department.

"We commend all organizations for coming together to stand firm that North Charleston needs to become more transparent. We have to have oversight of what police do," said Nelson Rivers with the National Action Network.

Activists say they also want an end to racial profiling and police brutality.

"So when someone tells you, black lives matter, what they're telling you is all lives matter, but far too many times, it's young black men who are losing their lives unjustly in the greatest country in the world."

People also spoke about the importance of technology and how the video of Scott being shot down was key in the investigation.

"He took the time and he filmed a very historical, most unwanted moment," said Representative Wendell Gilliard.

"Ask that you would think about the Scott family. What they have been through this past month and what we just saw in Baltimore, as a reminder that video does make a difference," said Rivers.

Mayor Summey says he plans on meeting with the President of the North Charleston NAACP chapter very soon.

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