Sister of missing woman: 'We know she's dead, we know he killed her'

Sister of missing woman: 'We know she's dead, we know he killed her'

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The sister of a missing Summerville woman says she knew her sister was dead before murder charges were filed in the case on Tuesday.

Dorchester County deputies said Tuesday morning they will charge 30-year-old Edward Bonilla with murder.

Investigators say Bonilla was the last person seen with 28-year-old Ashley Pegram when the two apparently went on a date April 4.

"Life's been sucked out of you, that's exactly what it feels like. He not only murdered her, he pretty much murdered us all in a way," Pegram's sister Brandy Chance said.

Deputies say they found blood evidence in the trunk of Bonilla's car and other places.

The blood was forensically tested and was consistent with Pegram's DNA, according to the sheriff's office.

Detectives delivered the news to the family on Tuesday.

"It was a gut wrenching feeling. It's so final that's how it felt. It's not a good feeling at all," Chance said. "We know she's dead. We know he killed her, but we just don't know where he left her and that's the hard part. She's out there somewhere and we just don't know where."

Chance says her sister left her cellphone at home the night she apparently met Bonilla.

After exchanging text messages, Bonilla called Chance back, and gave her his full name.

"If the phone hadn't been here, we didn't have no clue who left with her," Chance said.

Dorchester County deputies found Bonilla and charged him with giving false information about Pegram's disappearance.

Now, he's also accused of murdering her.

"You play it in your mind over and over again. What did he do, did she suffer? We need answers. He needs to give us answers," Chance said.

She wants answers so she can say goodbye to her only sister.

"I want him to suffer in jail, you know, I don't want him to ever see the light of day again."

Bonilla is scheduled to have a bond hearing on the murder charge on Wednesday.

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