What's Trending: Biggest internet stories May 3-9

1. Stephen Colbert donates to SC classrooms 

Steven Colbert shocks South Carolina Public schools -- The comedian announced Thursday that he'll fund all one-thousand grant requests made by the state's teachers on a donation website called DonorsChoose.org

He's giving those teachers a total of 8-hundred thousand dollars for their projects. The money came from selling props from the set of his old show the Colbert Report, as well as donations from other organizations. Officials say the money could help about 375 schools.

2. Idris Elba breaks a record 

Idris Elba gets recognized for something that has nothing to do with acting. He broke the flying mile speeding record UK.

The actor averaged at 180 point 4 miles per hour throughout a full mile in a 2-door Bently. His top speed was 186 point 4 miles. The last flying mile record was set 88 years ago.

3. Woman finds cocaine in a granola bar

And a woman reportedly finds cocaine in a granola bar. Cynthia Rodriguez of San Antonio, TX says she was eating a Nature Valley bar when a small bag with dollar signs on it fell out.

She called General Mills thinking she won a prize. The company told her to call the police, who then told her it was cocaine.

Officials are looking into how it got in there.

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