Storm Chasing: Day 1 - On The Road

Storm Chasing: Day 1 - On The Road

STARKVILLE, MS (WCSC) - Monday, May 11th

The adventure began this morning! My Storm Chasing group left Starkville, MS just after 8 a.m. After checking the latest models and determining that the next big storm system looks to be moving in by mid-week, we decided to head to Columbia, Missouri for the night. Tomorrow morning we will look at the models again and determine where we should position ourselves in preparation for the storms later in the week.

There are five of us in the large storm chasing vehicle including our intrepid professor who has been teaching the storm chasing class for the past 15 years. The vehicle is equipped with a computer and radar tracking gear.

So far we've been through Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and we're now in Missouri.

While today is mostly a travel day, by Wednesday/Thursday the storms will start rolling!

Stay tuned!

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