Charleston police using Facebook to help find fugitives

Charleston police using Facebook to help find fugitives

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Police Department is using Facebook to find fugitives.

Police are calling it "Fugitive Friday." Each Friday, beginning May 15, wanted posters of fugitives wanted by the Charleston Police Department will be added to its Facebook page.

Each poster will include a photo, description of the individual and crime, and contact information for tips.

According to police, rather than post tips in response, people are encouraged to call the telephone numbers on the posters to provide information about the suspects.

CPD officials say this will protect their anonymity.

To view the Fugitive Friday postings visit the Charleston Police Department Facebook page.

The police department is inviting the public to "Like/Follow" the page. Users are encouraged to share the information about "Fugitive Friday."

"Law enforcement agencies throughout the country are starting to see the benefits of using social media to share information with citizens that help make their communities safer," Chief of Police Greg Mullen said.

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