Storm Chasing: Day 3 - Rocky Mountain National Park

Storm Chasing: Day 3 - Rocky Mountain National Park


We started the morning with our daily weather debriefing, studying various models and looking for multiple severe storm ingredients. We then determined that Friday and Saturday will be very active days in eastern Nebraska. Sunday looks very promising for storms in eastern Iowa. This of course, meant we still had a few more quiet days in the meantime. So what did we decide to do? Head even further west!

Within an hour we were in Colorado and heading toward the Rocky Mountains. We stopped for lunch in beautiful Estes Park before heading to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

It was an absolutely breathtaking afternoon...literally! The pressure decrease with altitude was really an adjustment as we headed up the mountain, but the view from the top sure made it worth it! We saw light, but steady snow flurries with close to 3 ft of solid snow pack on the highest part of the mountain that we were allowed to travel to. On the way back down we even saw a pack of wild elk.

Tomorrow will be a long travel day as we head to Nebraska and position ourselves for an active severe weather day on Friday.

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