PICS: Kids in Goose Creek thrilled as huge gator walks across lawn

Source: Sonya Gilreath
Source: Sonya Gilreath
Source: Sonya Gilreath
Source: Sonya Gilreath
Source: Sonya Gilreath
Source: Sonya Gilreath

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A Goose Creek mother took a picture of her two kids as they watched excitedly as a 10-foot gator walked across their lawn at The Hamlets in Crowfield Thursday morning.

The whole thing started when Sonya Gilreath was at her home and heard someone yelling outside.

"I was upstairs and heard someone outside saying,'Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!,' then I heard a car revving up," Gilreath said.

Gilreath said her 3-year-old girl, Lyla, then said, "That's a big giant alligator!'"

According to Gilreath, a neighbor's car was driving up on a portion of their grass to stop the gator, which she estimated to be 10-feet long, from walking towards kids who were on their way to the school bus.

"He had it pinned up towards our shrubs, so the kids could walk by," Gilreath said."The gator stayed there until the [kids] walked by and got on the bus."

Gilreath said later, she went on her porch with her kids to watch the gator from a distance, but then grabbed her kids and went inside when she saw the gator starting to move.

Her kids then watched through a window as the gator crossed their yard.

It was at that point she took the picture of Lyla and her 2-year-old son Jamesdan watching the gator cross their lawn.

Gilreath said her neighborhood's Homes Owner's Assocation will be sending someone out to capture the animal which went to a nearby pond.

Police in Goose Creek also published a photo of the alligator on Thursday walking along a sidewalk.


at 11:30 a.m. shows a photo of an alligator in The Hamlets neighborhood.

"If you see an alligator in your neighborhood, don't approach or attempt to handle them on your own," the police department's post reads. "Our animal control officers will respond and determine the best course of action in these situations."

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