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Storm Chasing: Day 7 - The Calm After The Storm

Photo Source: Live 5 Photo Source: Live 5
Photo Source: Live 5 Photo Source: Live 5
MOORE, OK (WCSC) - After an exhilarating day Saturday, we spent extra time in our morning meeting Sunday going over video from the storm and analyzing the different elements that made up the complex tornado. Being able to take what I have learned through textbooks over the years and applying it to field experience is something I am so thankful for.

After concluding our debriefing, we hit the road toward Norman, Oklahoma, home of the National Weather Center. Once there, we received a private tour of the NWC which is also home to the Storm Prediction Center. It was very interesting to see the home base of these major organizations that work so hard to provide accurate and timely advisories, watches, and warnings to help keep people safe.

After touring the NWC and SPC, we drove through Moore, Oklahoma, a town that suffered devastating damage during a major tornado outbreak May 18-21 in 2013. We could still see damage to trees as well as foundations where houses once stood. The rebuilding that the town has accomplished in the past two years was truly incredible to see.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Oklahoma City before heading back to Starkville, MS where we will conclude our trip.

I have posted additional photos and videos from throughout the trip on my Facebook page: Kaitlyn McGrath Live 5 News.

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