Community holds forum to discuss Burke HS's future

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - More than one hundred people came to Burke High School Tuesday night for a forum to discuss the school's future.

Burke is struggling to attract students and its most recent state report card was "Below Average".

The forum allowed people from different groups to share their vision for the school's future but many people think the school should just stay the same. Some proposed small changes like just changing the school's curriculum and others tossed around the idea of a public charter school, which would allow it to be independent but still receive public funding.

"When you look around at successful schools and organizations, they have a say-so in their future," Barbara Dilligard, the President of the Burke High School Foundation said. "They have a say-so in their planning. They have the resources or they have ways of getting the resources to make it happen."

Organizers say this meeting is only another step in the process. They're planning a venting session for some time in the future to include even more input from the community.

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