DD2 Board to consider waiving winter make-up day

VIDEO: DD2 Board to consider waiving winter make-up day

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Dorchester District Two school board members will decide Thursday when the last day of school will be for students.

It's supposed to be next Friday, but kids may have to make-up a day from February when they had off for the threat of an ice storm.

DD2 parents are outraged, over the possibility of sending their kids to school on June 1.

A spokesperson for DD2 says they were waiting to hear back from Dorchester County lawmakers, who were trying to get an exception for that "snow day" for the district.

The district got word yesterday from lawmakers who said it's unlikely the bills would pass before the end of the school year.

Now they have to use guidelines from a new "snow day" law passed earlier this month.

The amended code would, "allow local school boards to waive make-up days to winter weather closures." It states, "When designated make-up days are used or are no long available in a district, the district board of trustees must give a majority vote to waive the make-up requirement for three or fewer additional missed days."

Parents are upset though, that they're finding out about it now.

"It's kind of surprising because they had time to do this earlier in the year," Vicki Langer, who has two kids in DD2 schools, said.

A lot of parents heard the news for the first time on Facebook.

The DD2 page posted Tuesday afternoon: "FYI: We will make an announcement tomorrow whether June 1 will be a make-up day for DD2."

Since then more than one hundred people have commented.

Some parents say they're not going to send their kids to school June 1st even if the board requires it.

"A lot of people might be planning to be already gone by then, and it's not really fair to have their children marked as absent, for what would be a non-beneficial day of learning anyhow," Bobbie Mitchell, who has three children in DD2 schools, said.

"We're going to be out of town so they cannot come then," Langer added.

Wednesday the district posted on Facebook about the meeting along with the following statement, "The district has met the requirement of this law as the 2014-2015 calendar has the following days designated for make-up: October 20, January 12, and February 16".

As stated, the district has three make-up days scheduled throughout the year.

The last one was on February 16, eight days before students were out for the threat of an ice storm, on February 24.

Some parents think other options should have been considered before now.

"We can get rid of some of those half days," Laura Yzaguirre, who has two children in DD2 schools, said. "We have two half days, I think, a month."

Some parents say it's not only going to affect the children, it will also impact the teachers.

"It's really a waste of money for the school board to have the teachers there with the utilities and everything that goes into a day of school when it's not going to benefit the kids," Mitchell said.

"They're gonna have to get up and come to school, and they're not going to have any kids there," Yzaguirre added.

The issue will be taken up at 5:45 p.m. at Summerville High School prior to the District Retirees Reception at 6:30 p.m. The Board will also adjust the make-up days on the approved 2015-2016 calendar.

Once the vote takes place a phone call will be sent out to the Parent Messaging System to alert them about the decision.

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