Charleston Law will accept new students for upcoming year

Charleston Law will accept new students for upcoming year

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Following a period of uncertainty, the Charleston School of Law announced on Friday afternoon that they will be accepting an incoming class of first-year students in the fall for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Financial factors had put the law school's future in jeopardy. The school had reported budgetary concerns, spending more money than what was being brought in. In addition, school officials had reported that they would not be able to guarantee students the use of federal loans for their full three years.

Earlier this month, officials had stated, "we cannot in good faith enroll another class."

However, the school has released a statement saying that they have undergone cost-cutting initiatives that will help the school get back on track.

"The school's landlords are cooperating with the school in efforts to consolidate facilities," said school spokesman Andy Brack. "Also the school's year long effort to reduce the size of the faculty and staff to a level consistent with the reduced enrollment will continue and begin to have a budgetary impact in September."

According to officials, 24 staff members and four faculty members had left the school since May 1, 2014 through buyouts, voluntary separation packages, and attrition.

An additional seven positions have been cut to manage costs.

"It's been hard to lose these members of our staff and faculty, but it's been a necessary business move to ensure that the size of the school is appropriate for the number of students we have," Brack stated. "Our existing staff will be able to meet students' needs as a number of functions have been consolidated."

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