Family remembers BikeFest murders one year later

VIDEO: Family remembers BikeFest murders one year later

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - It's been one year since three young people from the Summerville area were shot and killed during BikeFest. As the event starts this weekend in Myrtle Beach, their murders remain unsolved.

The three victims in the shooting were Devonte Dantzler, Jamie Williams, and Sandy Geddis Barnwell.

"One year later, there's still tears," Melody Geddis McFadden, Sandy Geddis Barnwell's aunt, said. "There's still sleepless nights. There's still people that can't pull it together. That's how much we miss her."

She still remembers her niece's friend calling her during the shooting.

"People were down all over the place," Geddis McFadden said. "She didn't know what was going on. By the time they got to the hospital they had pronounced Sandy dead."

All three of the victims knew each other.

"They lived in the same areas," Geddis McFadden said. They went to the same schools. They worked at some at some of the same places."

Now all the families are united.

"We're never, ever, ever going to let the world forget and we're going to demand justice for her," Geddis McFadden said.

All want justice and all want peace.

"Put the guns down," Geddis McFadden said. "Talk. Stop. Think. Find another way."

Hundreds of people were in the area during the shooting. The family has joined police and is asking anyone with photos or information to come forward because the smallest clue could provide an answer.

"By not telling the truth of what happened at the beach and any information that you have, then you're protecting the killers and you're disrespecting Sandy," Geddis McFadden said. "You're disrespecting Devonte and you're disrespecting Jamie."

Sandy Geddis Barnwell is described as devoted to her family. Now they are devoted to finding answers for her and two other victims.

"That person that killed my niece is still walking around the streets but we have a life sentence," Geddis McFadden said.

This year Myrtle Beach officials say they'll have increased security included more police officers to help keep the event safe.

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