Dozens march to keep Burke HS public

VIDEO: Dozens march to keep Burke HS public

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - More than a dozen people spoke at the Charleston County School Board meeting Tuesday about a issue that wasn't even on the agenda.

They were part of a group of more than 50 people who marched a mile to the meeting protesting against Burke Middle-High School becoming a charter school. The group say's they're concerned turning Burke into a charter because it'll take away their control of the school.

A charter school is run by a private board instead of the district but still receives public money.

The group was worried they'll be shut out of any decision making of the school's future.

The charter option had been tossed around because of declining enrollment and poor test scores.

They say there needs to be some improvement and change but they want to make sure they get a voice.

"I don't want to accept any progress of which the people who are being affect are excluded from the process," one speaker said.

"We need to examine the real problem," another speaker and Burke graduate added. "That's the turnover rate of thee administration, of the students, of the teachers."

Another request the group had was to keep the school open during planned renovations for Burke High School.

Burke was not on the agenda, but CCSD Superintendent Michael Bobby said the district has no plans to make the school a charter school.

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