Clinton talks equal pay, higher wages during SC visit

Clinton talks equal pay, higher wages during SC visit

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS/WCSC) - Better pay and better leadership were the two benchmarks of Hillary Clinton's first speech in South Carolina since 2008, when she lost the presidential primary.

This time, she's hoping for a different story.

She told the packed house at the Columbia Marriott she wants to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue again.

Clinton didn't take much time to talk about her loss to President Barack Obama back in 2008. She mentioned it only briefly near the end of her speech, retelling how the president asked her to be Secretary of State, but she didn't spend much time talking about the job.

Instead she spoke mainly about income inequality in America, saying she fought for equal pay in the Senate and wants to fight for it again.

She mentioned specifically three points of her platform. The first is pushing the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill she introduced as a New York Senator, but that didn't make it to a vote. The second is promoting pay transparency across the US economy. The third is raising wages in the lowest paying jobs in the country.

"Waitresses, bartenders, hairstylists and others who rely on tips are paid even lower than minimum wage," Clinton said. "Some are paid as little as $2.13 an hour."

While Clinton spoke inside the Marriott- Republican candidate for President Carly Fiorina was blasting Clinton outside the hotel. Fiorina was in town for a Republican Caucus event but stopped by to answer questions from the press on Clinton's record and the state of women in the workforce.

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