Hurricane season is approaching, are you prepared?

Hurricane season is approaching, are you prepared?

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC/WMBF) - Hurricane Awareness Week can help prevent a serious disaster from happening to you and your family.

According to the State of South Carolina Governor's Proclamation for Hurricane Awareness Week, hurricanes can be extremely forceful, cause a powerful threat, and destroy citizens' property. Flooding, strong winds, and tornadoes produced by hurricanes can strongly affect residents living along the coast.

The population of coastal counties has grown significantly, and many residents have never had a direct impact experience from a hurricane; some may also not be aware of the serious threat that can come from a hurricane.

Hurricanes create the largest risk to the Palmetto State from June through November. It is strongly encouraged by South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, for South Carolinians to take the steps to prepare themselves for a potential hurricane disaster.

There are many ways you can help prepare yourself for hurricane preparedness; the first step is to get a plan.

The Official 2015 South Carolina Hurricane Guide will be released on May 31, 2015 with updated hurricane season details and information on landfall of a major hurricane. The guide will be released to ten daily newspapers, 20 South Carolina Departments of Motor Vehicles, and all Walgreen stores statewide. The guide will also be available for download at

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has step-by-step resources and helpful information that explains what you need to do before, during, and after a hurricane. Visit the FEMA link at for the latest updates.

The National Hurricane Center is reminding everyone that even though sometimes forecasters' predictions of a hurricane can be low, a hurricane can still be extremely destructive. NHC also has a hurricane preparedness page with detailed information and better understandings of storm surge, storm tide, and rip currents. For more information visit

You can also join the South Carolina Emergency Management, local emergency managers, and the National Weather Service. Plan today and be ready for tomorrow.

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