Know where to go if a hurricane threatens

Know where to go if a hurricane threatens

When an evacuation order is given or when storm conditions lead you to believe the time is right to head for safer ground, rely on your hurricane plan.

If you have no transportation and need a ride, look for a blue hurricane evacuation bus stop sign. CARTA buses and local school buses will take you from one of the approximately 80 pick-up points to the nearest shelter designated for those with no means of leaving town.

Blue hurricane evacuation route signs are posted all along Lowcountry roads to guide evacuees to safety. Police officers and the Army National Guard will be posted along official evacuation routes to assist in directing traffic.

If possible, stay with friends or relatives at a safe inland location. Otherwise, find a low-rise inland hotel or motel.

An American Cross or county shelter should be considered your last resort because they may fill quickly with people who do cannot get out in an emergency. If you are forced to rely on a shelter contact the American Red Cross to ensure shelters are open at (843) 764-2323.

If you choose to stay home and conditions become more dangerous than you expected, be ready to move into a "safe room," where your family can take cover. A safe room should be an interior room with no windows toward the center of the structure.

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