Book released in Charleston tells WWII navy officer's time at war

Book released in Charleston tells WWII navy officer's time at war

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - 2015 marks the 70th year since the end of World War II.

It's a year that's very special to the McDevitt family, who officially released the book titled 'All Came Home' on May 30th.

The book tells the story of World War II through letters from late navy officer Joe McDevitt.

"We discovered 6 years ago now a box that had been in my dad's basement and that box contained all of the letters he wrote home from the war in the Pacific," said Paul McDevitt, Joe's second oldest son. "We never heard a peep about his war experiences until I read these letters."

Joe McDevitt died in 2006, never once speaking to his 9 sons and 2 daughters about his time at sea on the USS Leon.

His son Paul knew, through these 84 letters, it was a story that must be told.

"I can hear his saying, 'sounds like a good read to be PK!'" Said Paul.

All the letters are addressed to 'Aunt Margaret,' the woman who raised Joe.

They talk about his struggles and victories on the sea with Joe's crew.

"They talk about what a bunch of young, young guys did to win the war in the Pacific," said Paul.

Pictures with Joe's wife Kathleen capture love, during their time apart.

The censor mark on the letters show the importance of the mission.

"Every letter they sent from the pacific had to be approved by the censors so they didn't give away any information that the Japanese could use," said Joe.

The letters tell the story. The title, 'All Came Home,' tells it all.

"From my dad's shipmates," said Paul. "He worked for my dad. He said, 'he worked us hard. we practiced, practiced practiced and we complained every single day. One of the reasons we all came home is because he worked us so hard."

Through this book, Joe, a long time Charlestonian, brought his family to the Lowcountry, making the title even more fitting.

The McDevitts just wish their father, and grandfather could be here for it all.

"Oh, I'd probably just have to give him a hug," said Paul. "You know after writing a book like this about him, you give a man like this a hug."

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