Motorcycle accident victims urge drivers to use extra caution this summer

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC - Patrick Gallagher was riding his motorcycle when he was almost hit by a truck taking a left turn on Ashley River Road.

"Fortunately, I missed him, but unfortunately, I had a head on collision with another vehicle," he said. "It could have turned out so much worse for me."

Although he broke his leg, Gallagher says he is lucky to be alive. He is now recovering from surgery.

"It's probably going to be another two months before I can actually go to work," he said.

Gallagher is one of tens of thousands of motorcyclists who get injured every year.

In 2013, almost five thousand motorcyclist lost their lives.

By all accounts, including his own, Moncks Corner Police Lt. Michael Roach should not be alive today.

He and his wife were thrown from their motorcycle when they were tee-boned by another vehicle. He warns drivers about busy intersections.

"The left hand turn is the most dangerous thing for a motorcycles. It's either were getting hit or somebody is making a left hand turn in front of us," he said. "I am a blessed man there is no doubt about that."

Gallagher wasn't wearing a helmet when he struck another car. His advice to fellow bikers: "I would suggest wearing a helmet."

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