Charleston officials ask for patience on Cannon and Spring streets construction

VIDEO: Charleston officials ask for patience on Cannon and Spring streets construction

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Officials for the City of Charleston are asking people to stay patient when it comes to construction on Spring and Cannon streets.

Construction on the two streets has created some traffic, parking an noise issues for residents and business owners.

"They're moving pretty quickly," Justin Edgar, the manager of Cannon Green on Spring Street said. "I will give them credit for that, but there's not been much communication at all."

Edgar says the restaurant wasn't told when their sidewalks would be broken up.

"Obviously, it's clearly directly in front of our restaurant," Edgar said. "It's been a bit challenging with trucks and our valet service and it also creates a heck of a traffic build up all day long."

The city says they put up signs and fliers and asking for patience.

"Trying to do the best we can in kind of a messy situation," Matt Compton, Charleston's Special Projects Administrator said.

Some business owners, like Terry Hung, who runs Tapio on Spring Street, said they got the notice and the construction had almost no impact.

"Our name is getting bigger, so if they want bubble tea, they're going to come, but they worked really fast and everything was quickly done," Hung said.

Some resident have been kept from using their driveways for 36 hours, so the city is telling parking attendants use good judgment because of the situation and hopes to finish the sidewalks by the fall.

"Summer being as busy as we are and being the tourist town that we are, hopefully it doesn't affect business, people driving by and saying I can't park there, I can't eat there," Anna Mathewes who manages Five Loaves Café said.

"Bear with us and we'll be in an out as fast as we can," Compton said.

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