James Island man finds owner of lost GoPro after gaining attention on social media

James Island man finds owner of lost GoPro after gaining attention on social media

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - A James Island man has found the owner of a lost GoPro after his story gained a lot of support on social media.

Jeff Blankenship had posted a story on Facebook about his 12-year-old son, Luke, finding the device on Folly Beach this past weekend.

The post was shared more than 2,000 times; a Live 5 News Facebook post about Jeff's search was also shared 400 times with more than 60,000 people reached.

On Tuesday morning, Jeff said a friend of the owner heard about his search and let the owner know the device had been found. Jeff then contacted the owner who was able to confirm information on the device.

He is expected to meet up with the owner, who is an airman who lost it paddle boarding, and return the GoPro Tuesday afternoon.

Jeff says his son was enjoying his summer break when he saw the device on the beach Sunday afternoon around 2:45 p.m.

"He was swimming about 300 yards north of the pier on Folly Beach when he noticed the orange floatation device attached to the camera bobbing in the water," Blankenship said."He thought it was a ball so he picked it up. There was no one nearby looking for it so he brought it home."

Blankenship posted the find on Facebook hoping to locate the owner, and was surprised at the response he received.

"At this point, my post has been shared over 1,000 times," Jeff said on Monday."At its current rate, it's being shared over 200 times per hour."

He said he was happy that word was spreading quickly and hoped that word would reach the owner soon. "These cameras aren't cheap and we want to do what we can to get it to its owner.

Blankenship said he found a few clues from the device itself, which he says is a GoPro Hero 3. He said he found that the device's Wi-Fi name is "NicksGoPro."

"Based on that, we're assuming the owner's name is Nick. We were hoping to be able to look at the pictures that maybe there was a selfie on the camera," Blankenship said."Unfortunately, I don't have the correct USB cables or card reader and the Wi-Fi is password protected. We'll be getting some cables soon to see if we can find out if "Nick" is a surfer, a kite boarder or just a tourist."

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