Deadly skin cancer on the rise among young people, especially women

Deadly skin cancer on the rise among young people, especially women

CHARLESTON, SC - In spite of the known dangers of exposing your skin to the sun, a deadly form of skin cancer is on the rise.

"Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer," one Doctor told us.

A new study from the Center for Disease Control shows Melanoma cases have increased by 250% among young people, especially women.

Dr. Todd Schlesinger says one reason is because women, under the age of 29, are more likely to use indoor tanning beds, which exposes people to UV Radiation.

According to the CDC, 9,000 people die from Melanoma every year.

Dr. Schlesinger says every part of your body is at risk to the skin cancer, including the top and bottom of your feet.

He recommends his patients to use sunscreen with SPF 50 when spending time outdoors.

"Looking at the pattern and the location of the skin cancers we see in the office, one of the most common areas we've seen people miss a lot is behind the ears... the other thing we see is right around the eyes," he said.

While in the sun, Dr. Schlesinger says to wear as much clothing as possible, and if you are going to the beach, he recommends putting sun screen on before you leave the house.

"Give it 30 minutes to an hour," he added. "If you give it a little more time, it will soak through into the proteins of your skin and it will work better."

He also says to look for moles or discoloring on your skin daily, in addition to getting a full body exam by your doctor once a year.