3 things to keep your kids safe in the weekend heat


NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Frankie Turner and Alana Jackson are summer camp site coordinators for Dorchester District Two school district.

On Thursday, their extended day summer camps were are on a field trip at Wannamaker Park where their kids were playing in the water, spending time on the play ground, and playing a quick game of catch.

It was 87 degrees Thursday afternoon, but if it had been any hotter, Turner and Jackson say they would have different plans.

"If it's extremely hot, 93 degrees above, we do inside field trips," Turner said.

This weekend, temperatures are expected to rise and the heat index could feel like it's over 100 degrees.

Turner and Jackson urge parents to be extra careful when they take their kids outside.

Experts say kids are at a higher risk for heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and heat cramps.

Health experts add its important to dress kids in loose clothing on warm days and to keep a watchful eye on your young ones for signs of heat exhaustion.

"We prepare each one with a bottle of water everyday," Turner said.

They also say parents should pack hydrating foods for kids to snack on if they plan on going to the beach.

"Cucumbers, coconut water, coconuts are good for hydration, fresh fruits and watermelon," Jackson said. "Our kids loves those snacks."