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Charleston horse carriage companies shut down because of the heat

Source: WCSC Source: WCSC

On a hot day like today, Palmetto Carriage is really looking out for the well-being of the horses. 

After all, it's the law.

The City of Charleston has an ordinance that prohibits carriage companies from working their horses in temperatures above 98 degrees.

When it's 85 degrees or hotter, carriage companies like Palmetto Carriage, Old South Carriage and Carolina Polo Carriage Company must check their horses temperature after every carriage ride.

If the horses reach 103 degrees for a period of time, the city requires carriage companies to rest their horses until they cool down, otherwise the horses are at a high risk for heat exhaustion and even death.

Around one o' clock this afternoon, Palmetto carriage went on standby.

Which means horses were unable to give carriage rides this afternoon for several hours because it was too hot.

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