Radio host Glenn Beck visits Emanuel AME, prays for peace, love

Radio host Glenn Beck visits Emanuel AME, prays for peace, love
Photo source: Facebook
Photo source: Facebook

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Nationally syndicated radio and television talk show host Glenn Beck arrived in Charleston on Friday after announcing on his show on Thursday that he wanted to stand for peace in the community following the shooting that took place on Wednesday evening.

He met with a crowd of people gathering at 329 Meeting Street around 2 p.m. He was personally accompanied by his wife, Rabbi Irwin Kula, and a bishop from Birmingham, Alabama.

Beck stated on his Facebook page that his plan was to walk to the Mother Emanuel AME church at 2 p.m. where the shooting took place, and he could pray together with his family, friends, and anyone who wished to join them. He wrote, "This is not a rally but rather a personal journey where we can pray together and show our support."

Beck is also the founder of the charity organization Mercury One. According to his Facebook post, all donations made today to the Mercury One General Fund will go to help the families of the victims of the shooting. To donate, visit


The message Beck emphasized on his Facebook page was one of peace and love. He posted a photo of himself with the words "Charleston Your Life Matters."

Beck wrote, "Let's gather tomorrow and show this community that they are loved." "Something great begins in Charleston." "Let us prop their arms up and pray together for this amazing community."

On his page, Beck also commented that he believed Charleston is different from the situations witnessed in Ferguson or Baltimore, saying Charleston "is a town that has healed. This is a community that loves one another. Watch how black and white come together."

On his radio show on Friday morning, Beck expressed his confidence in Charleston to "set the pace to show us how to deal with these things." He and his co-hosts praised the spiritual foundations of the Charleston community.

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