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N. Charleston City Council considering ordinance banning funeral protests


The North Charleston City Council is holding an emergency meeting Wednesday at noon to consider an ordinance that would keep protesters away from funeral, memorial and burial services.

This comes as two of the funerals for the nine people killed while worshiping at Emanuel AME, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton and Ethel Lance, will be held in the city within the next few days. 

Click here for a list of funeral arrangements for the shooting victims.

The emergency ordinance says the city expects thousands of people to attend.

"Recent events in this nation and state have unleashed raw emotions that have in other communities led to mass violence, damage, and unrest, and that such a result is unsafe and actually interferes with public discourse," it says. 

"The city finds that preserving the peaceful character of funeral, memorial or burial services is an important public interest and under the circumstances may effectively promote the public sharing of ideas." 

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