Convicted killer denied parole for second time this year

VIDEO: Convicted killer could go free after state supreme court ruling
Martin Caddles (Photo Source: Family)
Martin Caddles (Photo Source: Family)

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - For the second time this year, a convicted killer was denied parole despite a South Carolina Supreme Court ruling that could have allowed it.

Fifty-four-year old Kenneth Green is serving a life sentence for the 1982 murder of Martin Cattles in Dorchester County.

Green was denied parole in March, but the state parole board granted a new hearing based on the high court's ruling in 2013.

Another convicted killer, Thalma Barton, claimed she was unfairly denied parole in 2012 even though a majority of the board members voted for parole.

The parole board consists of seven members. The board said according to the law, two-thirds of members must vote yes for parole to be granted. At Barton's hearing, four of six members voted for parole. That represented the two thirds needed, but the board denied parole because she didn't get five yes votes.

Barton sued and won.

In 2000, Kenneth Green got four of six votes in favor of parole and used Barton's case precedent as justification of why he should be freed.

"What the hell happened? We were just there in March for a parole hearing, he was denied. Why is he continuing to do this," Martina Cattles, the victim's granddaughter, said.

The Cattles family started a petition to try to keep Green in prison when they learned the second hearing was granted.

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