Nexton Elementary opens its doors

Nexton Elementary opens its doors

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A brand new Berkeley County School opened its doors for the first time Monday.

Nexton Elementary is now completed after 14 months of construction and a $19.5 million budget.

"It's amazing," Nancy Leigh, the school's new principal said. "Every month it was just more and more progress. We were ecstatic to be on time and on budget."

Hundreds of parents attended the opening ceremony and tour. The K-5 school will hold 900 students.

"The school that my kids attended in Sangaree was really overcrowded and I felt like they weren't getting the one on one attention that they deserved," Theresa Faircloth, who will have three children at Nexton said.

"Definitely impressed," Faircloth said. "I think they've done an excellent job. My husband and I have been driving back here through the woods for a couple of months trying to get sneak peeks of the building as we go by."

The state-of-the-art school includes touch screens in every classrooms and iPads or laptops for each student.

"We're excited about being a one-to-one school this year, which is the first school in Berkeley County," Leigh said. "It really increases parent communication and well as student awareness of what they're doing in class."

The massive Nexton development will include 700 homes, 300 apartments, and two hotels. There are plans for corporate offices retail space and more restaurants.

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