Dog found with muzzle taped shut headed to medical foster home

Dog found with muzzle taped shut headed to medical foster home

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Caitlyn, the dog at the center of an animal cruelty case that received worldwide attention last month will go to her medical foster home Tuesday.

That update is according to the "Caitlyn's Comeback" Facebook page.

Caitlyn is expected to remain in the medical foster home for several months, according to Charleston Animal Society spokesperson Kay Hyman.

Caitlyn, a 15-month-old chocolate and white Staffordshire Bull Terrior or "Staffie" mix, appeared on a North Charleston doorstep on May 27 with electrical tape wrapped tightly around her muzzle.

Her tongue had become trapped between her front teeth and veterinarians feared a large portion of it would have to be amputated.

She was transferred to a specialty care facility and treated with cold laser therapy and with a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

She wound up losing only a portion of her lip and just the tip of her tongue, then underwent plastic surgery in early June to repair her cheek and lips.

Doctors said they feared she might lose up to two-thirds of her tongue, but she wound up losing only about an eighth, leading her plastic surgeon, Dr. Henri Bianucci, to call her recovery "really amazing."

The story was shared across social media and across the world.

William Leonard Dodson was arrested on June 1 and charged with animal cruelty. Court documents state Dodson purchased the dog on Memorial Day for $20. He told investigators he taped her muzzle shut because she would not stop barking.

Hundreds of people from as far away as Canada and Brazil have expressed interest in adopting Caitlyn, Hyman said.

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