Police identify man in flag burning incident at Marion Square

Police identify man in flag burning incident at Marion Square
Source: CPD
Source: CPD

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Investigators with the Charleston Police Department have identified a man involved in a flag burning incident at Marion Square.

Authorities identified the man as Jason Slade.

Police had earlier released two photos asking the public for help identifying the man in the June 21 incident.

A police report states an officer on patrol noticed several white males standing on the John C. Calhoun monument in Marion Square, which is prohibited by a city ordinance.

The officer says the suspects were waving confederate flags while standing on the monument, before lighting them on fire; open burning also violates a city ordinance.

Police say about 30 people were gathered in front of the monument.

The offenders were told to get off the monument, and two of them complied. Officers got their personal information so a follow-up investigation could be conducted and charges could be filed.

After a speaker at the protest finished talking, one of the offenders removed an American flag from his bookbag, sprayed it with bug repellant, and tried to light it on fire, according to investigators.

Officers approached the offender, telling him that open burning was prohibited by city ordinance.

A police report states the suspect tried to move way from the officers and light the American flag again, but the officers took it and started moving away from the crowd that gathered and surrounded them. Another protest attendee eventually grabbed hold of the flag and the suspect was able to light it, allowing it to burn in the grass in front of the monument, police say.

The report states the officers were wearing body cameras during the incident.

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