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Local animal shelter packed with dogs spooked by Fourth of July fireworks


The days following Independence Day are some of the busiest of the year for local animal shelters.

Experts say it's because the Fourth of July fireworks spook many dogs and cause them to run away.

The Charleston Animal Society says they received over a dozen lost dogs this holiday weekend from Friday to Sunday. Those dogs were just from good Samaritans who brought in the animals.

Monday, they're expecting to get even more because local animal control crews are back on the job after having the weekend off.

Kay Hyman from the animal society says they are seeing one thing different this year.  Some people aren't even using the shelter to get dogs back to their owners.

Instead, they're taking to social media.

A Facebook page called "Lost and Found Pets Charleston SC" has over 2,200 likes. Over the last few days, it's been flooded with posts from people who either lost their pup or found one. They share photos and phone numbers.

Hyman says many aren't even bringing the lost pets into the shelter, just caring for the animals themselves until someone online claims them.

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