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Family of man found dead in North Charleston last week seek answers

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Source: Terri Metoyer Source: Terri Metoyer
Source: Terri Metoyer Source: Terri Metoyer
Source: Terri Metoyer Source: Terri Metoyer

"I just hope that somebody is listening, and they care enough. If they have kids, that they care enough to help us,” Terri Metoyer, the mother of Gerrod Metoyer, said Monday.

Metoyer was found dead Tuesday morning at the intersection of Ashley Phosphate and Dorchester Manor Boulevard in North Charleston.

Police continue to search for the person or people who killed Metoyer.

In the meantime the family isn't just waiting for police to get them answers. They're handing out flyers in hopes of finding a break in the case.

On it is shows a picture of Gerrod who also went by the nicknames "Lil Daddy" and "Rabbit". It mentions that the killings in the community have to stop or else we will never prosper as people. Gerrod's mother, who lives in Georgia, says she isn't leaving until police get a lead.

"It's still surreal to me,” Terri said. “It just hurts really bad."

It's been nearly a week since Gerrod Metoyer's body was found. He had been shot in the back of the head.

"I'm just trying to understand who would just do that to him,” Terri said. “Why would they do him like that, rob him and then kill him like that. It's just crazy, Gerrod was not that type of person."

His family describes Gerrod as a loving person, who gave amazing hugs. He loved music and was a father to two young boys, and an older brother to six brothers and sisters.

"I'm still torn up about it,” Dakota Metoyer, one of Gerrod’s sisters, said. “Every dayI just hold back my tears from crying when we go visit his site where he died at. It's really upsetting. It really is."

His mother said Gerrod had gone to work, and was on his way back from a friend's house when he was shot. Since then, his family, who lives in Georgia, is coping the best way they know how.

"I think, my coping is with my nephews,” Niyah Metoyer, another sister of Gerrod’s, said. “They're so sweet and they're so lovable, as you can see. They just remind me of his spirit."

"We go out to the site where he passed, we light candles, every night we go there, and everyday we're going out and putting up flyers and just asking people to please help us," Terri said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (843) 554-1111.

The family is holding a memorial Tuesday at El-Shaddai Missionary Baptist church at 7:00 p.m. in North Charleston. The family said Gerrod will be buried in Midway, Georgia this weekend.

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