Plane search crews turn to drones for help

VIDEO: Plane search crews turn to drones for help


As search crews continue to recover debris and search for a body in the crash between an F-16 and Cessna plane in Moncks Corner, theyre using new technology to help out.

Berkeley County officials are now using drones from a company called SkyView Aerial Solutions to search for debris and help with mapping the area.

The company’s CEO, Tom Fernandez say they’re dealing with almost seven miles of debris.

They used a new mapping program which allows someone to set an area for the drone to fly around, taking photos of the area and then put them together to build a map.

"They were able to get an overview, a high resolution overview of the entire area and it helped them locate above and below water, wreckage and further debris," Fernandez said.

The company ran seven different missions Wednesday and said their maps showed there is still a large amount of debris left to be picked up.

Skyview says search crews are expected to use their maps again Thursday.
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