West Ashley man sentenced for assaulting officer

West Ashley man sentenced for assaulting officer

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A judge sentenced a West Ashley man to eight years for assaulting an officer while resisting arrest for criminal domestic violence.

Kareem Simmons, 38, pleaded guilty Wednesday to the assault, according to Ninth Circuit Solicitor's Office spokesperson Naomi Nation.

Police say Simmons became involved in a verbal argument with an ex-girlfriend in the Avondale area on June 1, 2014.

Witnesses saw the argument then flagged down a police officer patrolling the area as bars were closing. The officer saw Simmons violently slamming the back of a woman's head against a brick wall and tackled Simmons, Nation said.

Over the next 45 seconds, Simmons and the officer struggled as the officer attempted to place him under arrest, during which Simmons kneed the officer in the groin, bit his hand and struck him in the face with a closed fist, she said.

Witnesses say without the officer's quick thinking, the victim would have been seriously injured or worse.

The officer's hand was broken in the altercation with Simmons, Nation said.

Simmons previously pleaded guilty to the related domestic violence charge in municipal court. The victim did not support prosecution, but after the judge heard the facts of the case and Simmons prior arrest history, which included multiple domestic violence convictions from the early 2000s, Circuit Judge Kristi Harrington imposed the 8-year sentence, Nation said.

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