Taking down Confederate flag only a start, locals say

Taking down Confederate flag only a start, locals say

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Just after 10 a.m. Friday, all eyes were glued to the television screen in one downtown Charleston barber shop.

As thousands gathered at the South Carolina State House to watch the Confederate Battle Flag come down, just over a dozen clients at Blades Barber Shop on Meeting Street also found it hard to peel their eyes away.

"I see it as a step, one step in a long journey," said James Bingley, while watching with his son.

"It seems that I'm still having to have the same conversation my parents had with me about being equal."

Many pointed to the Emanuel tragedy as the catalyst for swift change in removing the Confederate battle flag.  Friday's removal ceremony came just 23 days after the Charleston church massacre, leaving nine people dead.

"Generations were changed forever, from the act of one guy," Bingley said.

"I can't sit here just to celebrate the flag coming down.  I can't say I'm ecstatic about that.  Nine lives were still lost."

Toby Cason Jr., of North Charleston, said he was glad to see the flag come down, but added said there's much more to be accomplished.
"The flag I'm more concerned with coming down is the flag of hatred in everyone's heart."

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