Change in yard waste pickup on hold in North Charleston

Change in yard waste pickup on hold in North Charleston

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - New rules for yard waste in the City of North Charleston are on hold, pending a change in the city code. In June, the city said residents would only be allowed to put small yard waste in paper bags for curbside pickup. This change would eliminate the use of plastic bags for small yard waste like leaves and grass clippings.

The change was scheduled to go into effect July 1, but Sec. 9-46.a-4 of the city code still reads "Leaves and grass clippings shall be placed at curbside in clear plastic bags or paper bags designed for the purpose of leaf and clippings disposal."

The city is encouraging people to begin making the switch to paper bags now. It is working to change the language to only allow paper bags by the middle of August. According to the Clerk of Council Ellen Clark, an amendment to the ordinance will go to committee July 15. A first reading at North Charleston city council is scheduled for July 23 with a second reading on August 13. If the council approves the change, the change to trash pickup would then go into effect.

It also says larger yard waste, such as limbs and other brush can still be piled curbside for collection. Large yard waste eligible for collection includes logs, limbs, brush and stumps limited to four feet in length and six inches in diameter. The larger yard materials must be placed in separate piles from smaller, bagged yard waste.

The smaller yard waste bags will still be collected weekly on the same day as regular garbage pickup.

The City of North Charleston says the change is in support of the Charleston County composting program which banned the use of plastic bags containing yard waste at the Bees Ferry Compost Facility and other centers on November 1, 2011. The program is outlined here.

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