Owner takes dog on coast-to-coast 'bucket list' trip

Owner takes dog on coast-to-coast 'bucket list' trip
Poh (Photo Source: WTSP/CBS News)
Poh (Photo Source: WTSP/CBS News)
Poh (Photo Source: WTSP/CBS News)
Poh (Photo Source: WTSP/CBS News)

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL (WTSP/CBS News) - A dying 15-year-old dog is touching hearts as his owners take him on a final cross-country trip.

The dog, Poh, most recently was spotted at the SPCA Suncoast in New Port Richey, Fla.

"Poh is a shelter dog himself he's a muttegree," owner Thomas Neil Rodriguez says.

Rodriguez and his fiancé have been traveling the country to Poh some lasting memories.

"Unfortunately we were given a very short timeline with Poh," Rodriguez said.

Last February Poh started having kidney failure and shortly after multiple tumors developed. So Rodriguez decided Poh was going on a road trip from New York to California.

"Our main goal was to get his paws wet in the Pacific Ocean and it turns out he loves the beach," Rodriguez said.

After that Poh took off on Instagram earning Poh's adventures more than 111,000 followers. Swimming in the pacific, visiting landmarks, napping in some food, back to the beach and some more napping.

"He just kept thriving he kept surviving," he said.

Along the way Rodriguez has had to give Poh some intravenous medications and even some holistic treatments, but Poh isn't stopping yet.

"I've never had human kids I've never had the opportunity to have a family so Poh has been my family," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez knows his adventures with Poh will someday come to an end.

"By doing this trip this allows me to focus on the happiness," he explains. "I'm sure I'm going to grieve horribly."

Rodriguez wants people to remember to adopt from shelters because life's best memories can be made with a shelter dog like Poh.

"I have these memories that I've been able to share with the world so I think I'll be alright," Rodriguez said.

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