SC nuclear power plants to simulate emergency response exercises

SC nuclear power plants to simulate emergency response exercises

SOUTH CAROLINA (WCSC) - A national nuclear plant emergency response exercise titled Southern Exposure '15 will take place on July 21 through July 23. The State of South Carolina, Duke Energy, and multiple other organizations at the local, state, private, and federal levels will take part in the event.

This marks the nation's first large scale nuclear power emergency preparedness exercise.

The simulated, full-scale event for South Carolina will take place at the Robinson nuclear power plant near Hartsville.

According to a report, a coordinated response will take place within mock emergency facilities at the plant site as well as in Darlington, Florence, Columbia, and other facilities.

On July 22, additional federal agencies and several hundred participants will move to the State Emergency Operations Center in Columbia, to Washington, D.C., and other locations to provide command and control or logistical support.

The final day of the event will be a tabletop discussion to review the results of the simulation.

Local residents may see and hear actions associated with the simulated response while the exercises are ongoing. These actions could include law enforcement and emergency response vehicles moving through the area, field monitoring teams, and low-flying aircraft.

Normal traffic flow and other local activities are not expected to be affected.

Nuclear power plants and responders frequently practice emergency exercises in order to anticipate future issues, and to evaluate the state's success in responding to an emergency.Southern Exposure '15 is unique in its expansion of the response team and resources.

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