Man sentenced to 90 years after raping child, terrorizing bowling alley

Man sentenced to 90 years after raping child, terrorizing bowling alley
Gary Fraley (Source: Berkeley Co. Detention Center)
Gary Fraley (Source: Berkeley Co. Detention Center)

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Berkeley County judge sentenced a man on Friday to serve 90 years on three counts of second degree criminal sexual conduct, one count of third degree criminal sexual conduct, two counts of kidnapping, two counts of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, and one count of attempted murder.

Circuit Judge Kristi L. Harrington sentenced Gary Curtis Fraley to serve 85% of his 90-year sentence before release, according to Solicitor Scarlett Wilson.

The release states the jury found Fraley guilty of the crimes that reportedly terrorized a local family entertainment center over a period of four hours across two crime scenes.

Officials say Goose Creek Police were alerted to potential problems concerning Fraley around 4 p.m. on August 5, 2014. Fraley's estranged wife went to the police station to report threats she had found on Facebook against her and her boss, in addition to a purchase made on the couple's joint credit card account at a gun shop that morning.

Fraley's wife had previously requested a police escort after her husband reportedly threatened her at her place of employment at Royal Lanes Bowling Alley, authorities say.

According to the Solicitor, shortly after Fraley's wife reported the threats, officers responded to reports of "shots fired" at the Royal Lanes Bowling Alley. Officers and first responders arrived around 5 p.m. as employees evacuated customers, including children.

The report explains Fraley had trapped the owner, Steven Tsafos, in his office at gunpoint, and employees reported hearing loud voices followed by a single shot fired.

Tsafos escaped unharmed, the Solicitor says, but Fraley refused to emerge from his barricade behind a desk. The report says the S.W.A.T. team stormed the office after an hour and a half standoff. After pinning Fraley, they safely removed his fully-loaded and cocked revolver.

Following the incident, Fraley was transported to headquarters, and then to Trident Medical Center after complaining of chest pains, the report continues.

Fraley initially denied remembering anything about the day's events, but reportedly later told an officer at the hospital that he recalled having a friend of his daughter's in his car and taking her to the Econolodge to use the restroom. The release states that at the time, the officer was unaware that another victim was involved in the case.

The Solicitor's report states that as the scene in the bowling alley was taking place, an 11-year-old girl exited Fraley's vehicle and asked a woman in the parking lot for permission to use her phone.

The woman reportedly noticed the girl shaking.

When the girl's father arrived, the girl reportedly informed him that Fraley had raped her at the Econolodge earlier that day.

An investigation by the Goose Creek Police detectives led to evidence that Fraley had targeted multiple young girls in his neighborhood several days before he entered the Bowling Alley with a gun, the Solicitor says.

The report says he fabricated a story about a surprise birthday party for his 12-year-old daughter at Royal Lanes Bowling Alley and came to the homes of two families to invite their daughters to attend. Fraley reportedly offered to pay one daughter to attend after her parents refused.

The Solicitor says that after Fraley had the child in his car, he purchased NyQuil and alcohol at Publix before taking her to the Econolodge, where he had rented a room prior to their arrival. The report states he took the girl into the room and showed her a handgun, telling her "don't test me."

Fraley drugged and raped the girl repeatedly over the next several hours, and reportedly told the girl, "My wife is cheating on me so I'm going to get back at her by having sex with you."

The report states that 42 witnesses were present at the trial to discuss the shooting at the Bowling Alley.

Lead Prosecutor Anne Williams reportedly stated the most important witness in the case was the child victim: "This little girl was a real trooper. She showed tremendous courage and resolve in facing her attacker in court."

Officials say Fraley testified on his own behalf. They say he repeatedly denied he could recall anything about the crimes, despite being contradicted by numerous statements from the cross examination by Assistant Solicitor Dan Poulos.

According to the Solicitor, Fraley's defense attorney argued Fraley was insane at the time the crimes took place.

Solicitor Wilson praised the Goose Creek Police Department, saying, "GCPD managed an intense situation with great skill. Without their expertise, many more could have been hurt. This prosecution was especially effective in part because of their meticulous gathering of evidence. Our teams came together for a fantastic joint effort."

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