Community meets new CCSD superintendent

VIDEO: Community meets new CCSD superintendent

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - For the first time, the community got the chance to meet the new superintendent of Charleston County School District.

Dr. Gerrita Postlewait was greeted by nearly 300 people at the district headquarters Monday evening.

Postlewait stood at the entrance of the board room for nearly two hours, shaking hands and speaking to every single person who showed up to meet her.

The new superintendent says that despite disapproval from some community leaders about how the board selected her, she got the job fair and square and is ready to get to work.

"I'm here, I'm focused on children, I"m anxious to get started and I'm determined not to let other issues be a distraction to the real work at hand," said Dr. Gerrita Postlewait.

Postlewait, a former Georgetown resident, is eager to get started in her new role overseeing 5,000 employee and 50,000 students at Charleston County School District.

"I've been doing this work all of my life," said Postlewait. "I've sat in classrooms and boardrooms."

The former West Virginia and Horry County School District Superintendent says she's sat on all sides of the table.

"I was a teacher at the elementary, middle, secondary and collegiate levels," said Postlewait. "I've been an administrator at the school and district levels, I've worked in several states and this is my third superintendency."

Postlewait says her first focus is on closing the readiness gap and making sure all kids are ready for the next level.

"One of the things we do want to do is to get really clear on the alignment on elementary, middle and secondary schools to make sure our curriculum and our supports are aligned," said Postlewait.

She believes that by asking the tough questions it will increase student success in and out of school.

"Where are they performing now in every school in the district and where do they need to be in order to access the living wage opportunities that are available in our community?" said Postlewait.

She's also making it a priority to visit each school.

"I think that's one of the most important aspects of the job and it takes precedence over many other meeting type events that sap the superintendents time," said Postlewait.

Postlewait says she feels called to serve this community where people want better opportunities for their children.

"Charleston is a world class city that deserves a world class school system," said Postlewait.

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