Presidential candidate hosts forum in Mt. Pleasant

VIDEO: Presidential candidate hosts forum in Mt. Pleasant


Monday, Presidential candidate Chris Christie hosted an open forum in Mt. Pleasant.
It's the first time he's made an appearance in the Tri-county since he declared his run for president.
Christie started off with a short speech about how he was disappointed with the recent nuclear deal with Iran and how he plans to reform entitlements.

After that he allowed anyone in the audience to ask a question ranging from how he's against common care to how he thinks illegal immigration can be stopped with more penalties for people who employ them and many other issues.

"Your veterans card should get you into any hospital or healthcare provider in the country on demand," Christie said discussing his concerns with verterans affairs.

Christie also discussed the economy and cuts to social security.
"We are going towards the cliff and with the American economy not growing like it used to after a recession, we're getting to that cliff faster than we normally would," Christie said.
The first Republican debate is a little more than two weeks away on August 6. Fox News says it will only include the top 10 of the 16 Republican candidates.
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