Surging Trump gives out Graham's phone number, calls current US leadership 'stupid'

Surging Trump gives out Graham's phone number, calls current US leadership 'stupid'

BLUFFTON, SC (WCSC) - Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump made his first trip in months to the Palmetto State, crediting his position in the polls to a silent majority tired of being "pushed around" and led by "stupid people."

Trump addressed a crowd of about 1,100 in Bluffton, more than double the number that can fit in the auditorium.

He talked about issues like the economy and how to fix it, but mainly he spent his time blasting his fellow Republican candidates.
Trump's 30-minute speech, which seemed at times less like a campaign stump speech and more like a standup routine or roast, with Trump telling jokes and engaging the audience to shout back at him, took on what other candidates said about him.

Donald Trump didn't tone down the rhetoric at his campaign rally, attacking Sen. John McCain again.

"First you gotta remember this, he is totally about open borders," Trump said.

The outspoken presidential candidate avoided repeating the comments he made about McCain's war record which angered veterans. He said his comments on immigration were taken out of context, and said candidates focused too much on what he was saying, instead of actually tackling issues.

Specifically, he had few kind words for former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and South Carolina's own Sen. Lindsey Graham, who Trump called "a stiff" before holding up Graham's phone number and challenging the crowd to call it. Both candidates currently trail Trump in the polls

"I tweeted. I have many millions between Facebook and Twitter, it's great," Trump said. "It's like owning a newspaper without the losses. I tweeted that Rick Perry should have to take an IQ test before getting on the debate stage."

Both Graham's and Perry's presidential campaigns responded to the jab, condemning the comments.

Graham's camp said Trump's comments proved him unfit for the presidency.

Not everyone there to see him was a fan of "The Donald."

Since announcing his candidacy, Trump has made headlines not just for his placement in the polls, but also for his comments on immigration, veterans issues, and Sen. John McCain.

A small group of protesters showed up to tell Trump they'd heard him. The protesters were off to the side of the Sun City auditorium, holding up signs critical of Trumps comments on illegal immigration.

Inside, Trump said he would win the Latino vote in 2016.

"When I do great in Nevada, which just came out, and I won the Hispanic vote! I won big league, the Hispanics, I'm telling you!" he said.

Trump addressed his headline-making comments like those against McCain, giving his stances an "us vs them" mentality.

"There's a silent majority out there," he said. "We're tired of being pushed around, kicked around, and being led by stupid people. I had Macy's terminate a deal because 'Oh, Don, you're a little controversial talking about illegal immigration.' It's illegal!"

"You see many of these people are veterans, and I love them, I'm going to straighten it out because they're living in hell right now," he said.

Trump's remarks seemed to hit the right spot with the audience.

"I like that he's to the point, he doesn't take endorsements from other people, he's not a blow in the wind politician," voter and Army veteran Sam Palumbo said.

The latest Washington Post poll puts Trump 11 points ahead of Scott Walker, his closest competitor.

But there are still 200 days of campaigning between now and South Carolina's First in the South Primary.

Trump isn't the only presidential candidate stopping off in Bluffton.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was here Monday and Rick Perry will speak at this same auditorium later in the week.

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