Man forced from home when F-16 after burner hits, honors victims

VIDEO: Man forced from home when F-16 after burner hits, honors victims

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - Will Cecil honors victims of the Monks Corner plane collision at the first Oasis Music Festival at the Hanahan Amphitheater. Cecil was displaced from his home when the afterburner from the F-16 hit his mobile home.

"We come out here today and did something for free for everybody to come and have a good time and show that we care," says Cecil.

Cecil asked for a moment of silence before performing a musical tribute for the victims and families affected by the plane collision. He says he would have been inside his home at the time the afterburner hit, but he wasn't because his car broke down.

"At 9:15 as a matter of fact my car broke down in the morning, so we literally just could not make it home and 11 o' clock that's when the plane hit I'm told," says Cecil.

Cecil says the Air Force paid for his hotel stay and repairs and today he was told his family could move back home.

"The sewage line was completely broken, the gas line was broken, it was severed and where the afterburner had landed into my trailer it actually had knocked a hole all the way through," says Cecil.

He says he is thankful his family was safe and his thoughts go out to the families affected by this collision.

"God Bless y'all and I'm with y'all, my sympathies are with you guys, this is for y'all," says Cecil.