National Action Network calls for removal of confederate flag symbol on Goose Creek sign

National Action Network calls for removal of confederate flag symbol on Goose Creek sign

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Members of the National Action Network are calling for change in the City of Goose Creek.

Wednesday, they met with city officials to discuss their growing concern over the confederate flag emblem on the Goose Creek Welcome sign.

"I'm born and raised right here in Goose Creek and seeing that sign day in and day out reminds me of what took place June 17," said Bryan Sharper, Berkeley County Interim President of National Action Network.

The sign is affiliated with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a civil group who meets regularly within city limits.

NAN says they're comfortable with the group's name remaining on a sign, but want the confederate flag symbol removed.

"You said they're okay with that? Free speech doesn't just protect the things that people are okay with," said Goose Creek Mayor Michael Heitzler. "Free speech protects all those things even the things that aggravate people."

Goose Creek Mayor Michael Heitzler said that it's not happening.

"These groups, all the groups that you see on that sign, they assemble within city limits and they have the right to do that and I will defend their right to do that, at all costs," said Heitzler. "That sign is an extension of their free speech and I took an oath to uphold that right."

NAN members have been recommended to start their petition to remove the sign by writing the Mayor a letter.

When asked where the petition process would go from there, Heitzler replied "It goes to me. Period."

National Action Network vows to petition until the confederate flag emblem is gone.

"We're not going to just be brushed off to the side," said Sharper. "We're going to see this through."

NAN will also be reaching out to leaders in Monks Creek and Mount Pleasant, two other Lowcountry municipalities who also have the confederate flag emblem on their welcome signs.

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